Monday, October 12, 2009


Sculpture Photos! I spent hours sculpting this and it’s now in the hydrocal mold and I’ll die if the mold fails.

I had a friend take multiple photos of me from different points of view, front and side. On the front views I held my arms out planning to sculpt it with my arms out. (A few of the pictures were dirtier with me just wearing underwear for sculpting reference. *wink*) I scaled them all in photoshop so that when I printed out the separate views that they would be the same scale.

I used these for proportions references and sculpted it in klean clay. I put armature wire in the body so the limbs would have structure. I left the shoes on because my plan is to make a mold and cast the final puppet in latex. I’m making clothes for him, but I’m not making cloth shoes, so I want those to be made in latex.

The wire is there because in the end my puppet will have a body in latex and a head made out of clay. I will need the wire to stick out of the mold and I will also use it as a pour spout for pouring in latex in the mold.

What I’ve learned: A lot about anatomy and that sculpting takes a long ass time, about 14 hours.

Where I’ve fucked up: Not sure yet.

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