Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sculpting! or Holy Shit, this blog still exists

Howdy ya'll,
Remember me? Yeah, we had some times. So I've pretty much finished the animation that I started this blog for and have started back up on another animation that I started a year ago! Been working constantly.
And, for something completely different, here is some sculptures I've made for an assignment. I'm really loving sculpting, I need to get me a good set of tools and some good clay. Now my set of tools include one wooden sculpting knife of some kind, an exacto knife, pencils and pens, and my FAVORITE sculpting tool: TOOTHPICKS!
I've used toothpicks to sculpt every single mouth position in all of my animated films, they're beautiful. I'd like to thank toothpicks right now.......... Thank you. (I really do love them)