Thursday, April 12, 2012

...rainbow flower

I made a rainbow flower AND I took photos of it with instagram. I don't know what I'm doing with my life....

this was a gift for someone.... no really, it was! jeez...

Molds molds molds

A lot of times you can pour a really easy mold by simply cutting out the bottom of a cup and glueing it top down to some foam core. This is helpful because if you have a bunch of dixie cups (or whatever type of cup you use) the other cups become easy, disposable mother molds.

The boy's face!

The boy's body. I painted in different tinted silicone to color the boy's shirt and pants. The hardest part is going right up to the edge of the mold. A fast curing silicone is best for that.

These are arms for an injection two part mold. There are channels at the ends of the fingers for the air to escape and a KS key at the base to hold up the armature.

A simple slip mold of the tongue that I sculpted for the trex. Poured the mold then cut it open with the jaged jewelers cut.