Friday, August 15, 2014

Rolling Film behind the scenes

Here's some behind the scenes photos for the film, but mostly a lil tutorial on how to fix a broken puppet.

the head of this puppet broke off, as well as the spine and tail.  all had to be fixed and they weren't a big deal. this puppet broke a lot because of how much it moved every frame.  it's kinda ascary at first but whatevah, it aint a big deal.

first i dremelled a hole into the bottom of the head

then i cut open the body to reveal the neck. i cut off the neck and added this wire tiiightly to the armature.  i then slobbered it up wit 5 minute epoxy and then rubber cemented it closed.

while it was closed i clothespinned the foam together so that it held tight.

i then covered him in plastic and 5 minute epoxied the head on.  the plastic is to prevent the 5 minute epoxy from getting on the fur.

aaaand he's good to go! since there was such big movements in the frame it was easy to put him back in.

and then his spine broke.  opened him back up.

made a new spine and dremelled some holes and glued back in.

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