Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Molding Materials pt 2

The other day I helped my friend make a bunch of body parts for her film. Rob Benevides showed us all how to do this. Here's a short list of materials:

Royal Jel-E – Silicone releasing agent, used for casting silicone in a silicone mold. Brush on and then dry with a hair dryer. It's water soluble, which is good because it washes off the cast easier so you can paint it.
Body Double- Silicone molding material. Mix two parts by volume. Paint on skin layer then glob on. We used it for body parts.
Plaster Bandages- After putting on the body double, put plaster bandages on after the silicone or whatever mold making material. This makes a hard shell for the mold.
Platsil Gel – 10 – Silicone casting material- flesh like casting material. Two part mixture by volume. To pigment, put pigment in one half, then mix second half to pigmented half.
Tincure Green Soap- releasing agent for plaster bandages. This is for doing a two part plaster bandage shell.
Flocking- pulverized felt for use in pigmentation of silicone
Alja- safe- algenate used for one time molding. Put a plaster bandage shell for support. Mix powder with water.
Dental Algenate- mouth safe algenate. We used this to try to make a mold of my tounge. A few things didn't work so we sculpted and molding a sculpted tongue.

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